Tigray is located in the Northern part of the country about 783 km from Addis Ababa, and Mekelle  is one of the biggest cities in Ethiopia is it’s  regional capital city .Tigrayis the Aplha and Omega of Ethiopia’s civilization and home to three different ethnic groups namely the Tegaru, Kumnama and Irop people. Tigrai is endowed with beautiful landscapes and historic values of unrivalled beauty;abundance of agricultural and natural resources; and good natured and hospitable people, who are proud of their culture and heritage deeply rooted in their great history. The people are hardworking and their mettle is extra ordinary as they are close to the Sea; they have been fighting different foreignersin order to defend their territory.

The Old kingdom of Damat was centred in Yeha, where we still see the standing Moon Temple which was the Ethio-Sabean mixed cultural exhibition dated back to 980 BC-400BC.

Gradually(Axum or Aksum) who has been once one of the superpowers of the world competing with Greco-Roman, India and China was established with its centre at present day Axum. Axum had its territory like present dat Eritrea, northern Ethiopia, Yemen and Southern Arabia. The first mosque in Africa (and one of the first in the world), Al Negashi, is found in Tigray, where Islamic religion has been introduced to Africa without bloodshed.

Tigray as the birth place of civilization is also known as home of King Ezana and Saizan(the last Pagan followers and the first to adopt Christianity) who had invented their own coins,converted in to Christianity by their own will .It is also home to Saint Yared, who invented the special music with its own rhythm,its own modes,notation and its peculiar dance in the 6th C AD. It is also known as home of ZeraYaekob, the 17th C AD, and known philosopher.

Tigray has diversified tourist attractions such as  historical, cultural,  religious(pre-Christian traditions, Judaism, Christianity ,Islam, Catholics and so on),Archaeological, Natural like the Gheralta Mountains, Lake Hashenge,special events –Ashenda, different way of life and extra.