Meskel Festival (Finding of the True Cross)

Meskel Festival (Finding of the True Cross)

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This festival is one of the most important and colorful festivals in Ethiopia. According to the Ethiopian Orthodox Christians believe the true cross had been secretly hided anywhere for many years and is believed that the true Cross was found by Queen of Elena, mother of king Constantine on Megabit 10/March 18/19 but the celebration come to September for un know reasons. Meskel festival is also taken as Agricultural festival because it is the right time for the farmers to see the good harvest of their farm. This is because in the country side after they had burnt the bonfire the young adults take some sort of fire to their home and to their farm particularly if the field is with sorghum or maize.

During this time of the year flowers gloom on mountain and plain and the meadows are yellow with the brilliant Meskal daisy. Dancing, feasting, merrymaking, bonfires and even gun salutes mark the occasion. The festival begins by planting a green tree on Meskal eve in town squares and village market places. Everyone brings a pole topped with Meskal daisies to form the towering pyramid that will be a beacon of flame. Torches of tree branches tied up together called "Chibo" are used to light the bundle called "Demera".

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