About Us




Northern Tower TOUR OPERATION is a big umbrella trading company which includes Tour and car rent, Hotel and Tourism Training center, Events and Festivals  Organizing, and Catering and logistics supply, under it. Therefore, we are passionate about travel industry; we really do live and breathe travel.  When we're not in the office talking about travel, the majority of us can be found out and about exploring the country. Whether we venture out on business, researching new destinations for NTTO tours and car rent or travelling in our spare time we can't help but feed our desire to explore more of the country and the region.


We believe that our teams of travel experts are the best in the business, from our tour operation to tour director and from Marketing to Reservation and customer service team. We want to share our passion for travel with you to let you know our country that we have fallen in love with, and where you are likely to see us next.


If you have any questions about the places you're thinking of visiting, then don't hesitate to contact us.  If we've been to new destinations and seen it for ourselves we'll be more than happy to share our experiences and recommendations with you.  After all, this is where we are to offer you the sacred land, Ethiopia.


The Tour Leader

The tour will be organized and supervised from the management to the ground handling staffs such as tour operators, escorted and local guides, drivers, and logistics. The ground handlers particularly the tour operators and escorted guides are highly knowledgeable and experienced in the tourism destinations of Ethiopia. The tour leader is graduated in history in his first degree and MA in Tourism Development as well. And he also has field work experience with German archeologists in the field of Yeha and Mekabir Gaewa Ethio-Sabean Sites and in particular about the Axumite history as well as the art history of Tigray rock churches. Most of our escorted tour guides are also multi lingual who can accompany different nationalities of out bound tourists.   


Northern Tower Tour Operation is a private, wholly Ethiopian owned company, which is committed to bring real change in the hospitality industry in order to benefits to both visitors and hosts.

As a private company, NTTO cannot set policy on how tourism in Ethiopia should develop but we are constantly seeking, through our membership of the Ethiopian Tour Operator Association (ETOA) and through our contacts with Federal and regional government, to contribute to the national debate and to the framing of a code for responsible tourism practice.

NTTO consults regularly with Federal and regional governments, local councils, indigenous development associations and institutions like the hospitality sectors and in particular with hosting communities.

NTTO firmly believes that tourism development should be in line with national and regional development plans and priorities, and that scarce resources should not be diverted to create a parallel infrastructure solely for the use of visitors. In our operations, we look to see how we can achieve "leakage" - how receipts from tourism can generate income and create jobs locally, and have initiated discussions with local indigenous development associations to assess how this can be done.

NTTO is conscious of the damaging environmental impact unplanned tourism development can have. In our trekking and camping tours, we carry our own fuel, and in developing off road and permanent camp sites, will use environmentally friendly means of power generation. NTTO will be interested to be a corporate member of the Campaign for Environmentally Responsible tourism, the Ethiopian Wildlife and Heritage Society and the Ethiopian Heritage Trust, Ethiopian Tour Operation Association, and regularly raises issues or environmental concern with national authorities and regional bureau.

NTTO wants to break down the barriers between visitors and hosts, liberating visitors from the "quarantine" they often find themselves in, and promote real meetings and interaction between visitors and host communities. NTTO is interested in linking professional associations and organizations in other countries with their Ethiopian counterparts.

 NTTO wants to encourage the development of domestic tourism and is working to develop affordable holidays, camp sites and school exchanges between different regions of Ethiopia.