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Mekelle is the oldest of all the capitals of Ethiopia’s present – day states. Local scholars trace Mekelle’s founding to the 13th century. But latter during the reign of Emperor Yohannes IV in the 19th century, it was the country’s capital. Therefore, one of the top tourist attraction of the city is the old palace museum of Emperoro Yohanes IV(1872-1889).This Majestic in design and handsome in size, the palace is the city’s main attraction. Currently the palace serves as city’s museum, where one can see, among other things, the Emperor’s throne, royal beds, dresses, artifacts and rifles.

The Hawelti- the Martyrs’ Memorial Monument and Museum

En route visit the open market of Adihaki and then drive to Hawelti- martyrs’ monument is found at the western side of the city. A war memorial, the Hawelti represents the long struggle of the people of Tigrai against the dictatorial military junta that ruled the country with an iron fist in the second half of the 20th century. Various types of armaments used during the early stages of the war, photographs and historical documents are on display in the museum beneath the monument. The Hawelti also includes a world-class conference center with all its facilities. The Hawelti is the city’s most obvious skyline landmark.

Mekelle is also a transit point for the camel caravans bringing salt up from the arid land of the Danakil Depression, making the market place an attractive place to visit. The city also has an international airport called Alula Aba Nega. These days, Mekelle is one of the fastest growing cities in the north of Ethiopia and is becoming an ideal region for visiting, investing and studying.

NB: After the end of your visit walk around the old town and have coffee in one of the coffee shops in order to get closer to the local people. And if you want also you can have some night clubs in one of the local restaurants and bars.